Unit #1
Washing machine, soap, mannequins; clothing fibers, including human and animal hair and skin cells, plant fibers, and pollen, dust, and microorganisms from my neighbours clothing; perspex display boxes; child's writing on wall; glass wax; assorted miniature furniture; miniature hoardings for miniature buildings sites; distressed magazine pages; shattered chrome ceramics; glass, aluminium, artificial security cameras; vinyl tiles; PVC tarpaulin; acrylic paint; domestic graffiti; bubble wrap.

Bottom 5 photos show the performance Maintenance #1, which activated the installation on February 10th.

Work commissioned for the current exhibition Rendered Cities at Apexart, New York, curated by ANGL Collective. Also included in the exhibition are Felicity Hammond and Lawrence Lek.

Exhibition runs until March 17th 2018.