Collective, Edinburgh, 2014.

As part of my project Conversation of Monuments at Collective, I led a coach tour from the gallery to Dunbar landfill site, incorporating talks and performances exploring ideas of waste and pollution in regards to material culture, knowledge production, digital and psychological space. Considering 'invisible' infrastructures and the relationship we have to them, the event considered how the infrastructure that manages and directs our waste – and the material reality of the waste itself – might serve as a reflecting pool of our times and a method of maintaining divisions and separations. The starting point for the tour was thinking about John Latham's proposed classification of the Five Sisters bings as 'monuments' or 'process sculptures' in 1976; extending this to a proposal to view the landfill site as monument, in order to explore new ways of looking at waste and the action that might result from doing so.

With talks and performances by myself, Neil Bickerton, Angela McClanahan and William Viney.

You can view Neil Bickerton's performance here and read a version of William Viney's paper here. 1.jpg 2.jpg