Co-Pourri is a mixture of material, used to provide a gentle natural and artificial scent/taste/sound/texture/image inside buildings. It is usually placed in a decorative (often wooden) place, or tied in small spaces made from sheer materials. Much contemporary Co-Pourri consists of any decoratively shaped materials combined with strong natural and synthetic perfumes and also often colour, light and sugars. Both natural and unnatural materials are used to give bulk, fill space and to make the results more aesthetically pleasing. Co-pourri considers its output as an emotional being, realising its many fluctuating states, and channelling negative energies towards the realisation of total neutrality.

Co-Pourri Announces New Genre/Movement at Caustic Coastal during Manchester International Festival, Manchester, UK, Friday July 10th-12th 2015. Executives at Co-Pourri have unveiled plans for an array of new services just in time. Such an ambitious achievement is yet another indicator of economic recovery paired with nonviolent civil disobedience. Experts praised the new initiative as reproductive and ground-breaking.

Administered by artists Laura Yuile and Leslie Kulesh, the project produces artworks, events and services by an anonymous group of artists making work in the Co-Pourri style.