Laura Yuile is an artist from Glasgow and currently based in London. She creates installations of object and video based works that speak to multiple senses and are often activated by performance. Her work explores notions of the domestic and the urban through the intimate (or public) matters of family or living together; personal care and household maintenance; wellness and well-being; and the effects of globalization upon living space. Propelled by narrative, installations probe issues of social discomfort and our cultural obsession with cleanliness; the methods through which society sanitizes women; and our desire for quick-fix methods of self-help and self-care. Issues of domestic and urban space and infrastructure are explored through the body as a primary, sensual site.

Laura has exhibited and screened internationally at venues including Apexart (New York); The Blackwood Gallery (Toronto); Recent Activity (Birmingham); Tate Britain (London); Mauve (Vienna); t-space (Milan) and Collective (Edinburgh). She has undertaken residencies with Inside Out Art Museum (Beijing), Temporary Art Platform (Beirut), The White Building (London) and was a 2017 recipient of the Red Mansion Award Residency (Beijing). She has an MFA from Goldsmiths University (London, 2017), a BFA from The Glasgow School of Art (Glasgow, 2008), and in 2015 was an Associate Artist with Open School East (London).

Alongside gallery-based exhibitions and events, Laura has organised a number of projects that filter into the everyday, commercial spaces that her work is engaged with. These have included Comfort Zones - a series of symposia on the subject of comfort zones held in the showrooms of various IKEA stores through the UK and China; a bus tour to a landfill site for Global Shadow Local Mist; and Asset Arrest – a series of viewings of newly-developed luxury properties in London led by the artist in conversation with the estate agents.