Laura Yuile is an artist from Glasgow, currently based in London. Her work is multidisciplinary, installation-based, and performative, exploring notions of the domestic and the urban through the intimate (or public) matters of living together; personal care and household maintenance; wellness and well-being; and the effects of globalization and technological development upon urban and living space. Propelled by narrative, installations probe issues of social discomfort and our cultural obsession with cleanliness; the methods through which society sanitizes women; our desire for quick-fix methods of self-help and self-care; and the increasing invisibility of technological infrastructure in the urban and domestic landscape.

Laura has exhibited and screened internationally at venues including Science Gallery (London); nGbK (Berlin); TACO! (London); Apexart (New York); The Blackwood Gallery (Toronto); Recent Activity (Birmingham); Tate Britain (London); Mauve (Vienna); t-space (Milan) and Collective (Edinburgh). She has undertaken residencies with ZK/U: Centre for Art and Urbanistics (Berlin); Inside Out Art Museum (Beijing), Temporary Art Platform (Beirut), The Art House (Wakefield); The White Building (London) and was a 2017 recipient of the Red Mansion Award Residency (Beijing). She has an MFA from Goldsmiths University (London, 2017), a BFA from The Glasgow School of Art (Glasgow, 2008), and in 2015 was an Associate Artist with Open School East (London).

Alongside gallery-based exhibitions and events, Laura has organised a number of projects that filter into the everyday, commercial spaces that her work is engaged with. These have included Comfort Zones - a series of symposia on the subject of comfort zones held in the showrooms of various IKEA stores through the UK and China (2013-14), and a bus tour to a landfill site for Global Shadow Local Mist (2014).